Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Decking my Halls - Take it outside!

Day 12
It's all decked up on 12-12-12!!!
"Decking My Halls"

WOW these 12 days have flown by. 
And here we are with coat, hat and mittens 
to see some ideas for decking your outside.
Like many people, we did the white icicle lights
for many years. 
However, nothing takes me back to being a kid
like multi-color lights.  I still enjoy
when I see a house gone "rouge"
and light up the night sky with colors!

At the risk of my hubby falling off the roof...
we decided just to forget the roof line and just
hang white light wreaths with red bows.
Safe is also beautiful. 

I really enjoy decorating the front porch and use real greenery
for the most part. This birdcage stays on my front porch all year...
just swap out what I put in and around it.

Perfect little Norway Spruce- a gift from an out-of-town friend.
Brightens up a corner of the front porch.

Don't forget to use your hanging basket frames
during the holidays.
This one is beautiful in the summer fill with  
dragon wing begonias, but....
Greenery and a HUGE ornament
give it the seasonal feel!

Mailbox is ready for all those Christmas cards 
seldom sent these days.  : (

I like to see the my back yard decked out as well.  
Especially the views from my kitchen window
and doors.

So I begin with a heated birdbath and feeders
Add some greenery and bows.

Then comes the snow and sometimes I leave a
real tree up for the entire winter so the birds
can find some shelter. 
My back yard is a "certified wild life habitat".

I leave the wrought iron table and chairs out all winter. 
My concrete bunnies have a place to hang out...
just waiting for spring!

Here they sit, in a combination of greenery, pine cones
and an artificial wreath and some twigs. 

I love real greenery and red bows in the landscape.  
So pretty when it snows.

My pergola sits in the corner of the back yard
I have used white icicle lights on it but 
I really enjoy this simplicity of greenery and red bow.

Don't forget your front door.  
A metal ornamental piece with greenery looks nice!
Think outside the basic "wreath" !

Got an old pair of ice skates and a basket of pinecones?
Simple...yet it reflects the winter season.

And finally, a batik Christmas tree quilt to cap off this post!
 "Wine Country Christmas"
This pattern is called "Side Lights" 
and perfect for a focus fabric.

I hope you have enjoyed and been inspired with 
"12 Days of Decking My Halls"
Thanks for sharing some time with me
in my Holiday home during
my favorite time of year !
It has been been filled with all my Kwilty Pleasures

Merry Christmas!


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  2. Beautiful, everywhere Cristmas.
    Merry Cristmas.

  3. Really gorgeous Kathy! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring. I'm wondering where my ice skates are...

  4. Thank you for sharing this festive home with us! Hope when the winter snows come that you will be snug and safe in your beautiful home. Merry Christmas!

  5. OOOOhhh, just beautiful with the snow. Love the quilt too. who makes the pattern, Sidelights? Really nice!

    1. Mountaincreek Creations makes the Sidelights pattern. You are an Anonymous blogger so I cannot email you directly. Hope you come back to read this.

  6. I enjoyed looking at your decorations.

  7. You sure do have an eye for this sort of thing.


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