Friday, December 7, 2012

Decking my Halls and seeing RED!

Day 7
"Decking My Halls"

 Cardinals aka Red Birds, are my favorite bird.
They just brighten up a snowy winter day in Ohio.  
They flock to my feeders in the winter and
each holiday season, they find their way into my home. 

Let's take a peek at the beaks that make their way into my kitchen!
This tree is in my home from November - February.

My cake plate collection finds a way to the top
of the kitchen cupboards.  Swags of frosty evergreens
 and red birds helps to bring the eyes up.

 A baker's rack is full of red bird beauties.

And the red bird tree....sit's nicely in the corner with a swag
over the door and wreath on the wall.
Seeing red yet?

Daytime was a snowy day!

and at night...

Use your houseplants when decorating.
A bird cage serves as a holiday home for this one. 

The guest bathroom has red bird themed items.
 A cute tree serves as a nightlight.

Reds and browns for a winter
bathroom is just unexpected yet lovely!
Leave it up all's a seasonal inspiration.

A large wall hanging I made for this theme...
"Red Bird Holiday"

Are you a bird watcher...and if so, what is your favorite bird!


  1. Oh so pretty!!! It looks so festive.

  2. What a pretty cardinal tree! I love them, too. I'm learning the birds here in our new location. The Stellar Jays are gorgeous, as are the something-something woodpeckers with their spottled bodies and bright red hoods and collars - hmm. . .need to look that name up again. . .

  3. I enjoy your daily presentations. We don`t have cardinals in our part of Arizona, near Grand Canyon. There were many in Pennsylvania, my former home. They are my favorite. I like Chickdees too, and bluebirds. There is compensation of a sort. We saw a bald eagle on our way to town Wednesday and a road runner in the yard this afternoon. How different. Merry Christmas!

  4. Wow! How beautiful! You have a talent to your decorations! They look amazing! I love the redbird wallhanging.

  5. Love your red bird Christmas decorating!

  6. Red is my favorite color, so of course I'm totally loving your decorations. How lucky you are to have cardinals right in your yard. They sure are beautiful birds.

    My favorite bird is the egret. During the summer, there are egrets that come in the evening and perch on the trees right by the creek behind my back yard. A couple of summers ago, I counted 25 of them! Such a beautiful sight. I spent a lot of evenings just sitting on my patio watching them. This past summer the most I counted were 8.

  7. My husband loves cardinals and one day I am going to make him a cardinal quilt!


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