Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Decking my Halls - with the unexpected!

Day 11
"Decking My Halls"

I love faerie gardens, have several in my garden.
I have given presentations to garden clubs on 
faerie gardens and how to "make" items the fairies need 
vs. paying the high retail prices at the garden centers.
ah ha moment...something to blog about come spring time!

Garden Fairies come in to play during the holidays.
A "pencil" tree is perfect for this corner!
The tree is covered with Fairies and butterflies!

Before the pencil tree I brought in a birdbath
 and garden obelisks for the fairies.  
I hung white lights and some large ornaments
down inside the obelisks.
Fairies danced around the outside.
and played in the potpourri that filled the birdbath.

Yep, very unexpected!
but oh so perfect for a "Winter Garden " theme!

Here, a small tree glams up a bathroom
and serves as a night light.
I leave these little trees decorated and store
with a plastic bag over them.  Just fluff next year.

And EVERY quilter should have a Sewing tree.  
Some scrappy garland and antique sewing items that belonged to Geraldine Gordon, my husbands mother. 
The picture of the bride and groom is Phil and me
13 years ago....of course we have not aged a bit. (wink)

The next tree remains up ALL year long in 
The BagPipes Inn (our basement bar).  
It's the Ohio State Buckeyes Tree with 
lots of fun items I have collected over the years!

Here's a table topper quilt with a little twist-er on Christmas

Tomorrow, put on your coat and mittens...we are going outside.
Today, please tell me if you have a theme tree you decorate for your Holiday Home?

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  1. You have many nice decorations, but I just love the sewing tree! I have had in mind to make something like that on my sewing room for many years, but have I done it? No! there is always so much other things to be done.


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