Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Ghastlies are NOT just for Halloween...
'Tis the season for Ghastlies Christmas!

After I decided on the coordinating colors
the design wall became my best friend.  
For the layout of the improv blocks

added solid black to join the blocks

I wanted to capture "scenes" for each block 
and  due to the way the fabric was printed.  
each block is a different size.

Let's start with some FMQ close ups!
I did change thread colors throughout the top
and used black thread for the back.

Ahhhh.  Sebastian, the Ghastlies Cat
Overlooking the Christmas Festivities.

Ms. Ghastlies dress was fun to highlight with gray thread.
Great head of hair!!

 FMQ using a small stippling with red thread 
on the red backgrounds in each block

 A creamy thread made the wavy lines on the first frame/border

  I like to use a meander when there are so many straight 
seams joining at odd intervals.  It softens the look.

 Finished size is 48" x 54" (lap or wall kwilt)

 Binding is a solid black 

Backing was a gray/white small print on black

This kwilt was a FUN challenge!
I knew in my head what I wanted BUT designing it
was NO "piece" of cake.  

I walked away from it for a couple weeks.
Then settled on 3 coordinating fabrics to frame the red focus prints and give the eyes a place to rest. 

My customer likes it...makes #5 Ghastlies kwilt for her.  

I just got the other color I'll be designing
something with these for next year.



Sew from me and my Ghastlies family.
Merry Christmas!!!


  1. so different for Christmas, very nice and like the new fabric for next year

  2. Love it! Ghastlies are perfect for any season!

  3. I didn't do any sewing on my Christmas Ghastlies and now I'm wishing I your quilt and stitchings!

  4. I love it. So unique and colorful. I love unique stuff.

  5. What a fun xmas quilt to work on! Turned out great.

  6. Very cool! I love the cat! Have a great Christmas!

  7. Cute, cute. The Christmas ones are ones that I actually resisted myself.


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