Monday, December 30, 2013


My friend, Patti at A Yankee in Queen Liz's Court
has joined me in reaching some goals for 2014.
We are "busting our stash" for new projects
and "not buying fabric" until our birthdays.

Patti's is April 30th and mine is May 1st.
That makes our Zodiac sign Taurus the Bull.

I did a little research about our  zodiac "traits" 

and this is NO BULL

Those born under this sign are happy to stick with their projects 
until they have reached a successful conclusion.
(our birthdays)

 We want to get things done, and it's that steady, 
dogged persistence that winds up being viewed as stubbornness. 
(aka bull headed)

The good news for Bulls is that once they 
get to the finish line (our birthdays)
they'll swaddle themselves in 
material goods (fabric). 

A self-indulgent beast? 
Perhaps, but if you toiled as laboriously 
as these folks do (using up stash) 
you'd need some goodies (new fabric), too. 

and a sneak peak at my first two 
Stash Bustin' Projects for 2014

Ghastlies Kwilt Project


A couple other followers have mentioned they 
might give this a go as well and join in the fun....
 Thanks for the support ...
Kaelyn, Daryl, Margaret, Jan and of course, Patti
from across the pond! 


  1. Kudos on getting through your stash, looking forward to seeing you bust through it. My birthday is in Feb. so this will not work for me, but I do not plan to by fabric (if I can help it) until October.

  2. My birthday isn't until the end of November. I can't wait that long. Boy oh boy I would LOVE going fabric shopping with you come May. I'll bet that's going to be yards of fun!

  3. I know what you mean. I have enough material and kits to last me a year. I just received a box of material from Connecting threads for the backs of all my projects, so I think I am good until 2015. I will see how that works.

  4. I'm going to try to stick to only buying to finish current projects. I don't have a lot of backing fabric in stash. I made a list of about twenty current projects, and a few more from stash in mind, so I think I'll be plenty busy!

  5. snap I too an a taurean may 12th and I have said no to anymore fabric unless I need something for a specific project. The photo of the shop has wowed me, never seen such a selection as that before, would take a day to browse in here.

  6. this has been my pan that I have started already. and as a double bull I too plan on keeping on track (Taurus and Year of the Bull )


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