Friday, December 6, 2013


I have mentioned before that I volunteer at Inniswood Gardens
a local Metro Park, in Westerville, OH

Next weekend is the Design Interest Group's Holiday Brunch.
The co-leaders, have their hands full of more than just garden dirt!
 I offered to stitch up their holiday surprise from the group.

Kathy enjoys bright vivid jewel tones
sew I found these fun batiks in my stash

She will love the imprints of flowers, leaves and bamboo.
I used a variegated thread for a meandering FMQ design..

a pretty turquoise blue for the backing...
and a polka dot batik for the binding

Dora likes her colors a bit more subdued but never boring!!!
Off to my stash again...and voila!!!!

Again, I used a variegated thread for a FMQ meander
and it blended perfectly with the colors 
in these flower and leaf batiks.
The backing print is a soft leafy batik that is also used in the top.
  I echoed a darker print from the top for the binding.

 Both table runners are reversible and can be used
for an inside table this winter and they can dream of
how they might look on their garden tables next summer!

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Sew, what's on your sewing to do for the Holidays?


  1. two lovely table runners,the first one specially caught my eye. I love batiks. Must concentrate on building up a stash , batiks and solids are what I need or should I say want as I appear to have bought lots and lost of patterned fabrics this last 18 months, time I used some!

  2. Gorgeous table runners and I am sure your friends will love them. Thank you for sharing. Marie (

  3. Lovely gifts! My favorite is the bright one. Your friends will be thrilled.

  4. Lovely table runners and sew very pretty with the batiks and reversible sides. Enjoy your annual luncheon with the ladies. December Delights...


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