Sunday, December 22, 2013


I have stash...stash you haven't seen. 
I also made a promise to myself, 
NOT to buy any new fabric til my birthday, May 1st, 2014.

Patti @ "A Yankee in Queen Liz's Court"
is my blog buddie from across the pond.   
She has jumped on the wagon with me!

"I'm so joining you in this one and my birthday is April 30!!! 
So we can do this together. Yes we can! "  Patti

And sew it begins...

A couple years ago The Fabric Shack had their
annual tent sale and I bought all these lucious 

FQs for $1.00 each (yup...the tent sale is incredible)

Lemon Tree line from 
Maria Kalinowski Canvas for Bernatex,

And I also found this black and white stripe 
hiding in my stash that will be the binding. 

Will use the Turning 20 pattern
and takes only 3 or 4 hours to do the top
 Great stash busting pattern as it uses 20 FQs.

Beginning in January, I have a project kitted for each month
FROM MY STASH!...Want to see?
just click here !  

Patti and I will have one helava birthday party 
whenthis promise has been met. 
Anyone want to party with us?  

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  1. you are organised and what a lovely selection of fabrics for your next quilt, wish we could get fat quarters at those prices, minI have told myself enough is enough, unless I need something for a specific project,not sure how long this resolution will last!

  2. Oy you should see my stash!!! I don't need to buy more fabric for several years!!!! I think I only purchased 2 yards of fabric last year and it was at a thrift store. Couldn't pass up the deal. I try to stay away form the fabric stores and use what I have. My scrap bags are getting fuller, but my stash is barely going down. Maybe it's because I have won a few fabrics and have received some from friends too for my birthday, which of course I love. So I am not going to purchase any fabric for the entire year of 2014 !!

  3. I made this promise last year and failed. My stash is bigger than anything I'll ever be able to sew in my lifetime, so I should be jumping at your challenge. Good luck!

  4. The word for next year should be RESIST!


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