Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Remembering Mom...

Two favorite kwilts I designed 
came from deep inside me 
and were part of a healing journey.

My Mom passed away, December, 2006 
as a result of Alzheimer's complications.

Cora Clayton, was 92 years old and the one, well only hobby,
she enjoyed was hand piecing scrappy quilts.
We are talking scrappy, before scrappy was cool. 
No design, just one uneven piece sewn to the next, a 
thrift store blanket for  batting, a sheet for the back.

From the hills of Venia, Virginia, down the holler on 
Grissom Creek...Mom only made utilitarian quilts...
quilts that would keep  you warm while snuggled
in a real feather bed. 

As I sorted thru her belongings...I found the perfect
things to help me through a very difficult time.
Her aprons and house dresses! 
Scissors, needle and thread helped me 
mend my broken heart. 


 "Sunday Dinner at Mom's"
I made the apron appliques in likeness of Mom's aprons, 
 Then, FMQ-ed her name "Cora Clayton" in the top border. 
You can't see it...but it is there. 

Sunday, was the day of the week Mom lived for.
Her family came home to enjoy her wonderful Sunday dinner



I found a box of Mom's house dresses.  
I remember her wearing many these when I was a little girl.
No way would I leave all those memories in a box.
Sew I began to cut and sew and designed this kwilt.

"House Dressings"
I entered "House Dressings" into a local guild show. 
 My BFF, Shirley, who also grow up living next door to Mom
hand kwilted it - and it won
FIRST PLACE, Hand Quilting

I made a small kwilt one for one sister
"Dresses for Cora"
and sent fabrics to my kwilter sister, 
sew she could make one.

The final pieces went into a small kwilt for my niece, 
who Mom raised.
"Remembering Grandma"

Mom would be so proud that I had made these kwilts,
but she would be mad as hell 
that I cut her clothes up to make them!

I miss her sew very much, but
 I know she's hanging out in my sewing room, 
my fabric angel, guarding my stash!

Love and miss you Mom!

Cora (Hess) Clayton
1914 - 2006


  1. what wonderful ways to remember Mum`s old clothing, she certainly hoarded her things from when you were young, they are all delightful.
    Like you I lost my Mum in 2006, November she was 92, I miss her so so much

  2. Those are lovely and I Hope they helped you grieve and remember. The memories will be with you along with those quilts. I miss my mom too. She passed away a year ago sept. right before her 94th birthday. By quilting we carry on. :)

  3. Such a sweet way to remember your mom...I love this idea!

  4. What a great way to remember and celebrate your mother and her talents. Her generation had lots of cotton clothing too.
    A lovely story about a special lady. Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories.

  5. What a wonderful way to remember your mom and always have a piece of her to see and hold on to....Hugs to you Kathy

  6. What a wonderful tribute and an appropriate way to grieve and heal.

  7. I can't leave a heart filled comment at the moment because I'm border line crying over this. Ok and I'm crying. I'll have words later for you:). Hugs sweetie!

  8. So, so precious. Thank you for sharing your memories of your mom with us.

  9. Such a great way to have remembrances of your mother. Funny how what seem like insignificant things like their house dresses mean so much. Mine is an old part of a pillowcase that she gave me when I was small with the embroidery and crocheted edge that still lives on as a teddy bear dress that she helped me make when I was about 4.

  10. What a great remembrance. I know it will help you remember her fondly! Well done!

  11. What a beautiful tribute to your mom. I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm glad you had her for so many years. You will be reunited in Heaven - hold that promise :)

  12. I think all of your Mom creations are wonderful and the perfect way to remember her and honor her memory. And from the way you described her, I don't think she'd be mad that you cut up her dresses; I think she'd be proud that you did something great with them and they didn't sit wasted in a box.


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